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DynoJet PV3 Flash Tuner/Datalogger for Polaris RZR

DynoJet PV3 Flash Tuner/Datalogger for Polaris RZR

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For the Polaris RZR enthusiast that demands the highest performance, the DynoJet PV3 ECU flash-tuner, paired with BoonDocker tuning unlocks the full potential of your vehicle, and features gauge and data-logging functionality. 

New for 2019, the PV3 tuner is a high-functioning ECU-flash tool, as well as a gauge-set. With the PV3, you can flash performance tunes, from any vendor, via the OEM diagnostic connector, without having to remove and send-out your ECU. As a gauge, the PV3 displays a multitude of vehicle data channels, in real-time. The PV3 is weather resistant for use in all conditions. However, care should be taken not to pressure wash or submerse the unit. The PV3 also features high-contrast display and is 100% functional, even in direct sunlight. The PV3 unit also allows you to read and clear DTC’s!



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