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Lightweight Cold Air Intake Upgrade

Lightweight Cold Air Intake Upgrade

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Take substantial weight out of your hood while improving airflow! The Lightweight Cold Air Intake Upgrade for SideKick removes pounds of weight from your hood.

Fit and Compatibility
  • 2017+ Ski-Doo Gen4 850 "stock" or with SideKick
Kit Configurations
  1. SideKick
    1. Fits SideKick turbo-equipped Ski-Doo Gen 4 850 snowmobiles
  2. Naturally Aspirated **Still in development, please check back**
    1. Fits naturally aspirated Ski-Doo Gen 4 850 snowmobiles
  3. NOTE: Agility turbo kits come with this kit
    1. Kit Includes:
      1. Lightweight cold air intake and fittings
      2. Sidepanel/hood latch replacement kit
        1. use your OEM tabs on our fabricated bracket

        Suggested Upgrades

        Click the link next to ANY upgrade to learn more or buy now

        • Fuel System Upgrade
          • An upgraded fuel system for Ski-Doo includes larger auxiliary injectors designed replace stock boost-port injectors and electronics to control these injectors. For Ski-Doo, an upgraded fuel system is required to run high-boost in all applications. An upgraded fuel system is also required to our kits at low elevations (w/ higher octane). 
        • Agility Intercooler: 
          • While it's best to buy the intercooler when you buy the kit, our Agility Intercooler is available as an upgrade
        • Clutching: 
          • We STRONGLY suggest our BoonDocker High Energy ™ clutching.
          • Base Kits: For low-boost, high-elevation only
          • Premium Kits: suggested for all applications
          • Actuators: 
            • Blue: 4-8 PSI (max 8.4) (Included), comes standard with kit
            • Black: 6-10 PSI (max 11.2) (Included), required for high-boost. Will increase throttle response and produces a more powerful seat-of-the-pants feeling, even on lower-boost kits. All things equal, upgrading your actuator will increase the octane requirement
            • Double-Black: 8-12 PSI suggested only for seasoned mod-sled builders. All things equal, upgrading your actuator will increase the octane requirement
          Frequently Asked Questions

          How long does it take to install? 

          A qualified technician should be able to install this product in 2 hours.

          Can BoonDocker install this product?

          Absolutely! We have a fully-staffed service department. We know our products best, and can go beyond a simple installation with our Built by BoonDocker. Know that your vehicle is ready for the weekend. We also have a strong dealer network across the nation. Our premiere dealers have demonstrated the knowledge of our products and sell enough volume to be competent in both installation and service.

          Where are the installation instructions?

          The installation instructions are provided below. Please click on the image to download the PDF. We suggest you browse the instructions before you determine if you want to install this product yourself or if you want a dealer to install.

          Can I install this product myself?

          This product requires a basic skill level to install. A mechanically inclined person can easily tackle this project. We suggest that you look at the instructions and determine if you need assistance from our service department or one of our dealers.

          Are any specialty tools required?


          Non-Intercooled Instructions


          (click image for instructions)

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