Dominator Turbo System for Polaris XPT

Dominator Turbo System for Polaris XPT
Dominator Turbo System for Polaris XPT
Dominator Turbo System for Polaris XPT
Load image into Gallery viewer, Dominator Turbo System for Polaris XPT
Load image into Gallery viewer, Dominator Turbo System for Polaris XPT
Load image into Gallery viewer, Dominator Turbo System for Polaris XPT
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Load and play video in Gallery viewer, Dominator Turbo System for Polaris XPT
Load and play video in Gallery viewer, Dominator Turbo System for Polaris XPT
Load and play video in Gallery viewer, Dominator Turbo System for Polaris XPT
Load and play video in Gallery viewer, Dominator Turbo System for Polaris XPT

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The Dominator Turbo Upgrade System for Polaris XP Turbo is a complete kit that increases your RZR's power by +45 at the wheels! The Dominator Turbo System includes the everything you need to take advantage of pump-gas fun!


For the RZR XP Turbo enthusiast that demands the highest performance, the Dominator is a direct replacement turbocharger and ECU tuning package centered around affordability and run-ability. Don't let this easy-to-own turbo fool you; the Dominator unlocks +45 RWHP on pump gas or 210+ HP on Av-Gas (100LL).* This new bolt-on turbo fits just like your OEM turbo and is offered complete with ECU tuning to deliver custom, shop-like power while ensuring drivability, durability, and dependability. The Dominator provides the most horsepower per dollar on the market.

We guarantee that you won't find a better deal on power per dollar in a kit that's bolt-on with stock runability and reliability.

Fit and Compatibility
  • 2016 Polaris RZR XPT (must select 2016 from configuration) ✔
  • 2017-2020 Polaris RZR XPT ✔
  • 2018+ Polaris RZR Turbo-S ✔
  • 2021 Polaris RZR-XPT ✔

Kit Configurations
  1. Dominator Turbocharger (turbo only)
    1. This option includes the turbo ONLY (no fit kit or hardware). It is intended as a replacement part, or for those wishing to build their own turbo kit. NOTE: This turbo has a larger inlet than the OEM charger. You will need our fit kit or to provide your own fittings. 
  2. OEM Turbo Replacement (Turbo and fit kit)
    1. Includes Turbocharger, fit kit w/ upgraded cold-air intake pipe & fittings. 
    2. This option is best suited for the RZR owner that has had an OEM turbo failure and needs to replace the turbo or for the kit-builder that wants to start with the appropriate fittings.
    3. This option bolts in with no tuning and can be expected to produce an additional 10 RWHP due to the increased efficiency of our Dominator turbo kit
    4. This option is also the starting place for customers that wish to remove items from the full Dominator package. For example, if you wanted a Dominator system, but already owned the tuner and clutching, you would select this option, and add the Charge Tube Upgrade and the Dominator tune.
  3. 2016 RZR-XPT Dominator
    1. Our full Dominator turbo system for the 2016 RZR XPT includes upgraded fuel injectors, in addition to the remainder of the contents listed below.
  4. 2017+ RZR-XPT Dominator
    1. The base kit, as listed below
Stats and Specs
  • The complete Dominator kit contains all required parts to operate your vehicle on pump gas and build +45 RWHP. 
  • With a few additional parts (see below) and with no impact on reliability or drive-ability, the same kit is capable of (and includes tunes for) running on 100LL or 110-octane. This configuration will produce an additional 10-20 RWHP, but don't let the numbers fool you; it is a very impressive seat-of-the pants gain.
  • Turbocharger is capable of producing >23 PSI (our av-gas tunes currently do not exceed 23 PSI and pump gas tunes would not exceed 20 PSI)
  • Billet Wheel, high efficiency Construction
  • Compressor Wheel
    • Inducer- 41mm
    • Exducer- 51mm
  • Turbine Wheel
    • Inducer- 45mm
    • Exducer- 40.4mm
  • Flows 30% more air than stock
    • Better performance off the line and throughout the power curve
    • No core required (keep your OEM turbo or sell it)
    • Tested and proven with years of success
     Fuel Requirements
    • Pump Gas (91-octane, non-ethanol) (kit comes ready to run pump-gas power-level) 
    • Av-Gas (100LL or higher octane) (additional parts required for high-octane performance, see below) 
    • E85 - ⦸ Not Available 
    Suggested Upgrades
    How to load your weights (instruction table)

    The table below references starting suggestions for your adjustable weights. The table is based on the Polaris RZR XPT (2017+). 2016 models will take approximately 2 less magnets per weights.

    To load your weights, find your appropriate configuration between power level and tire size. The number references the number of magnets in each hole of each weight, loaded from heel (bushing side) to toe (tip). For example, if you are running 30" sand tires with a Dominator pump gas, you would load 1-2-2-1, meaning 1 magnet in the first slot on the bushing side of the weight, then 2 magnets in the next hole, then 2 magnets in the next hole, and finally 1 magnet in the hole at the tip of the weight.

    Tire Size Dominator Pump Gas Dominator Av/Race
    28" Dirt Tires 2221 2322
    30" Dirt Tires 1221 2222
    32" Dirt Tires 1221 2222
    28" Sand Tires 2221 2332
    30" Sand Tires 1221 2222
    32" Sand Tires 1221 2222


    (click image for instructions)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does it take to install? 

    A qualified technician should be able to install this product in approximately six hours.

    Can BoonDocker install this product?

    Absolutely! We have a fully-staffed service department. We know our products best, and can go beyond a simple installation with our dyno tune-and-test service. Know that your vehicle is ready for the weekend. We also have a strong dealer network across the nation. Our premiere dealers have demonstrated the knowledge of our products and sell enough volume to be competent in both installation and service.

    Where are the installation instructions?

    The installation instructions are provided below. Please click on the image to download the PDF. We suggest you browse the instructions before you determine if you want to install this product yourself or if you want a dealer to install.

    How do I get my tune(s)?

    We provide tunes that are written for YOUR VEHICLE. In order for us to write your tune, we need to know about your vehicle. Plug your tuner into your vehicle and pair the tuner as described in the instructions. From there, navigate to Main Menu>Vehicle Tools>Vehicle Information

    How do I need to configure my adjustable weights?

    Please refer to the user manual, which is outlined in the first few pages of the installation instructions (posted below).

    Can I install this product myself?

    This product is easy to install. A mechanically inclined person can easily tackle this project. We suggest that you look at the instructions and determine if you need assistance from one of our dealers.

    Are any specialty tools required?

    You will need a secondary-clutch compression tool to install the clutch kit. Otherwise, simple hand tools are required.

    I already have some parts of this kit, can you take them out?

    Absolutely! If you wish to take components out of this kit, we suggest starting with the base and adding the required parts. Need a consultation on this? Message us and we'd be happy to go as far as adding the correct items to your cart!

    Do you have an E85 tune

    No, we don't produce E-85 tunes.

    Is the Kit complete

    The Dominator kit is complete, with everything you need to have pump-gas fun. There are additional parts required to utilize the high-octane tunes. There are also some optional accessories that can improve performance. Both are listed above.


    *Horsepower gains: On our dyno, a 2018 RZR Turbo S makes 150-155 hp at the wheels, stock. On the same dyno, with the Dominator and pump-gas tune loaded, we consistently see 197-205 rwhp. The high-octane tune comes in at over 210 rwhp. 2016 RZR XPT’s make about 15-20 less RWHP due to several mechanical constraints.




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