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Save up to $1200* on Agility & SideKick Turbo Kits from BoonDocker! Use code: SNOWCHECK2021 for the best deals we've ever offered!

BoonDocker Stimulus

We are SO EXCITED about SnowCheck, we placed a deposit for EVERYONE! This means your 2021 turbo kit costs $500 less. To qualify, you must order a NEW SideKick or Agility turbo system and complete payment in full between August 3, 2020 and September 1, 2020. Late orders or payments disqualify the discount. Orders must be placed online, direct-phone or through a dealer. Use Coupon Code: SNOWCHECK2021 to activate!

Combine Savings with BMC

Did you SnowCheck a qualifying turbo system from BoonDocker between April 1, 2019 and May 31, 2019 and receive a BMC? Redeem your savings of up to $500 by sending your BMC in to BoonDocker. BMC's MUST be received prior to September 1, 2020 to be used for SnowCheck 2021. Remember, lost or misplaced BMC's cannot be redeemed or reissued. Get your BMC mailed in today: BoonDocker, LLC, c/o BMC Activation, 2085 Heyrend Way, Idaho Falls, ID 83402.

Free Shipping

Free "Standard" shipping in the US and Canada for ALL qualifying SnowCheck orders for a savings of up to $200! Duties and Taxes not included. Duties and/or Taxes may be collected by BoonDocker in some instances, or may be collected by your local government, if applicable. Expedited shipping available at an extra charge

Custom Build Consultation

Unsure of what you want to order? We have a team of highly-qualified techs and trained salespeople ready to answer your questions. Checkout with the "Custom Build Consultation" product, and we'll schedule a call to go over your build.


We build the highest quality turbo system on the market. Pair our turbo system with a custom build by BoonDocker. As the manufacturer, we know what it takes to have years of trouble-free fun. Our shop is ready to handle your project, from a turbo installation to a fully-customized deluxe build. It doesn't matter if it's new or has a few seasons on it, our techs get it right. Add the Built-By-BoonDocker item to your cart and we'll schedule your build!


New for 2021, our powdercoating service now includes the cold/compressor side of the turbo, airbox, charge and intake pipes, as well as the muffler heat shield. Choose any one of our limited-edition colors for just $400. 

Pre-Season Shipping

We've been building turbos all summer and we're ready to ship! Your 2021 SnowCheck is guaranteed to ship by September 15th, except:

  • Powdercoating will delay shipment until October 15th
  • Arctic Cat (all Agility) is scheduled to start shipping in December
  • Muffler/Turbo upgrade option will ship by October 31 (except Arctic Cat)
  • Limited to quantities on hand. We'll make an announcement when we've surpassed our inventory and the new projected ship date
  • Shipping order is determined by payment


  • Orders MUST be placed either online or through a dealer.
  • In order to redeem your BoonDocker Stimulus, you MUST pay for your turbo system, in whole, on or before September 1, 2020. Late orders/payments WILL NOT receive the stimulus.
    • applies to Dealers AND Retail Customers
    • Built-By-BoonDocker projects require the "parts" to be purchased and paid-for through the website, on or before September 1, 2020
    • For custom build consultations, we will send you an invoice, from our website. You must pay for your order though the website or your dealer.
  • Qualifying purchases for SnowCheck discounts include any available SideKick or Agility turbo system. Non-qualifying purchases include turbo upgrade kits and/or parts and accessories. You are encouraged to purchase upgrade kits and parts & accessories during snowcheck, but you MUST include a complete turbo system to qualify for discount(s).
  • BMC's issued for model-year 2020 SnowCheck are encouraged to be redeemed during our 2021 SnowCheck sale. In order to redeem your BMC you must:
    • Send your BMC into BoonDocker
    • BoonDocker must receive your BMC on or before September 1, 2020
    • Order a qualifying turbo system
    • A credit will be issued on your invoice. That invoice will be emailed to you.
    • You must make payment-in-full of the remaining balance on or before September 1, 2020
    • Late, lost, misplaced, or stolen BMC's will not be accepted, reissued, or refunded
  • Free Shipping includes the US and Canada (except Hawaii and territories)
  • Free Shipping includes "Standard" shipping and will be managed at BoonDocker's discretion. BoonDocker reserves the right to choose any shipping method for this promotion.
  • Expedited shipping is available for an additional charge. Charges are calculated by the website during checkout.
  • Taxes and/or Duties are not included in "Free Shipping". Such charges may be collected (and paid to the correct agency) by BoonDocker (ie, Idaho Sales Tax, etc) or those charges may be the responsibility of the consumer (Canada GST, PST, International Duties, etc). It is YOUR responsibility to determine if any additional fees may apply. If BoonDocker is collecting taxes/duties and or fees, they will be listed on your invoice.
  • Pre-season shipping guarantee means we'll cancel your order for free and refund your payment if we don't ship on-time. Any incentives, discounts, and or sale pricing will be nullified by order cancellation. Pre-season shipping guarantee excludes Arctic Cat Agility kits (all), Muffler/Turbo performance upgrade kits, powdercoated orders and/or orders that exceed inventory quantities (BoonDocker will advise).
  • Retail orders CANNOT be moved to a dealer. If you work with a dealer, you need to SnowCheck through that dealer. However, if you buy direct, we are happy to ship product to the dealer of your choice.



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