HIGH ENERGY CLUTCHING: Rippier on the bottom, pulls harder through the midrange, and higher top-end speed, GUARANTEED!

Custom Vanity Muffler Cover for Double-Down

Custom Vanity Muffler Cover for Double-Down

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Have a custom ride and want to add your own personal touch? Add a personalized muffler guard to your BoonDocker muffler.

This option includes a brand-new BoonDocker muffler cover for the Double-Down muffler with your own custom text (up to 10 characters) and powder-coated any color you wish. We have the standard UTV color codes to make matching a breeze, or supply your own code for that one-off look.


  1. Place the order for this item
  2. At the last step of check-out, you will be asked to provide 'Customer Notes'
    1. Please include your custom text in quotes
      1. example - Custom Text: "Dirty Money"
      2. specify up to 10 characters: A-Z, 0-9, #, $, &, +, @
    2. Please include your color in as much description as you can
      1. example - Custom Color: 2019 Polaris Turbo S Blue
  3. Don't worry! Before we send your order to the machine, we'll reach out to you to confirm your text and color


Hand crafted products built in Idaho

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