HIGH ENERGY CLUTCHING: Rippier on the bottom, pulls harder through the midrange, and higher top-end speed, GUARANTEED!

Turbo Boost Actuator for RZR XP-1000 with BoonDocker Turbo

Turbo Boost Actuator for RZR XP-1000 with BoonDocker Turbo

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– Allows for higher boost levels
– Builds boost faster for increase in throttle response
– Black Actuator capable of approximately 6-10 psi
– Double Capable of approximately 10-12+ psi

– Actual boost will ultimately be controlled by BD electronics and wastegate actuator
– Required for high-boost applications
– Includes: Wastegate actuator, tension rod, and E-clip

**Note: All kits come with a Blue Actuator for lower boost levels (4-8 psi)

Note: Double Black Actuators provide a MINIMUM of 10 PSI boost. This product is for seasoned-mod-professionals ONLY. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure you have the proper setup for managing this amount of boost. Please contact us if you have questions. For most users, the Black actuator is more than sufficient.



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