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Elite Kits Explained

BoonDocker Elite Turbo Kits for Snowmobiles and UTV's are here! "Elite" is a new product line for us at BoonDocker, and trust us, it's what you want if you're looking for the all-inclusive, top-of-the line, best turbo kit for your snowmobile or UTV. The most hassle-free shopping along with the confidence that you're buying exactly what our top athletes, most demanding customers and our own in-house cars are using!

Rest assured! When you buy an Elite Kit, you get EVERYTHING you need to build BoonDocker POWER with all of the piece of mind knowing you have the right options and accessories to reliably handle the power. Elite kits are what we use to equip our in-house vehicles. It's the best, all-inclusive way to get exactly what you need.

We've adjusted how we are selling turbo kits; you can either start with the base kit and build your way up, or you can choose the Elite kit, that is pre-configured for the application, includes ALL of the options and accessories to reliably build power.

For example, an Agility turbo kit for Polaris 850 is available as a base kit with a choice of intercooled or non-intercooled. In this scenario, you can customize your kit to get exactly what you want. You would need to add your own clutching, head (if desired), actuator (if you want higher boost), etc.

Alternatively, the Agility turbo kit for Polaris 850 is available in two pre-configured Elite Kits: Pump Gas and High Octane. The Pump Gas kit would include the Agility base kit, billet head, adjustable control box, and you have a choice of intercooled or non-intercooled.

The Elite Kits also offer our customers a look at how to exactly configure his/her kit to get the desired performance and fuel requirements!

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