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About Us

BoonDocker has produced industry leading performance products since the early 2000’s. The business was launched when Founder Rocky Young Senior developed an innovative nitrous oxide injection system that offered a simple, easy to tune performance boost. Initially launched for two-stroke carbureted snowmobiles the nitrous system was soon expanded for two and four stroke motorcycles and ATV’s and had many years of incredible success.

With the introduction of EFI machines BoonDocker expanded into electronics launching the Control Box, an electronic plug-in device that allowed the user to tune the fueling for other engine performance upgrades.

Building on the success with the nitrous system and experience gained developing the Control Box BoonDocker began development on an aftermarket turbo kit for 2-stroke snowmobiles. These turbo kits offered a new level of performance and the industry’s top riders quickly jumped on-board. BoonDocker turbos became a dominant force in snowmobiling, racking up a huge number of race wins and elevating backcountry riding to new levels. BoonDocker turbos became the standard for ultimate performance in the snowmobile industry. 

With the popularity of UTV’s skyrocketing BoonDocker saw an opportunity to apply their technology to these machines. First by adding turbo kits to naturally aspirated machines and more recently developing upgraded performance parts for Turbo charged machines. 

In 2020 BoonDocker moved into a new facility with greatly increased manufacturing and service capacity. Two decades in and BoonDocker is still at the forefront of powersports performance technology, constantly developing innovative products to help riders and drivers get the most out of their vehicles.

BoonDocker, LLC is a leading manufacturer and technology developer focused on high-performance upgrades in the powersports industry. For those who demand the best, BoonDocker gives its customers the edge to take on the most technical terrain with Performance You Can Depend On. 


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