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High Energy™ Clutch System for Polaris AXYS 850 and Matryx (10 Pack)

High Energy™ Clutch System for Polaris AXYS 850 and Matryx (10 Pack)
High Energy™ Clutch System for Polaris AXYS 850 and Matryx (10 Pack)
High Energy™ Clutch System for Polaris AXYS 850 and Matryx (10 Pack)
Load image into Gallery viewer, High Energy™ Clutch System for Polaris AXYS 850 and Matryx (10 Pack)
Load image into Gallery viewer, High Energy™ Clutch System for Polaris AXYS 850 and Matryx (10 Pack)
Load image into Gallery viewer, High Energy™ Clutch System for Polaris AXYS 850 and Matryx (10 Pack)

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The BoonDocker High Energy™ Clutch Kit for Polaris AXYS 850 and Matryx provides the best out of the box throttle response, excellent midrange, and better top-end performance. This kit includes the revolutionary BoonDocker weights for the best performance in any category.  


For the Polaris snowmobile enthusiast that demands the highest performance, the High Energy™ Clutch Kit from BoonDocker is a configurable and tuneable system that includes the revolutionary BoonDocker weights. Factory race teams along side industry pros like Chris Burandt choose these weights for their tested and winning performance in each of the three categories: Off-the-Line, Midrange, and Top-End. 

  • Rippier on the bottom end
  • Pulls harder through the mid-range
  • Higher top speeds
  • 30-day guarantee no questions asked money-back guarantee

Note: Some vehicles break springs faster than others. Springs and belts are not returnable or refundable. There is no "lifespan" guarantee on springs or belts.

We've done the hard work for you, refer to our Weight Chart below for your recommended weight.

      Weight Chart 


      Elev. Power Base Capsules
      0-5,000 Stock/NA 63 8-10-12
      5-10,000 Stock/NA 59 8-10-12
      0-5,000 Low Boost 4-8 psi 65 8-10-12
      5-10,000 Low Boost 4-8 psi 63 8-10-12
      0-5,000 High Boost 6-10 psi 67 8-10-12
      5-10,000 High Boost 6-10 psi 67 8-10-12

       This chart reflects contents of our Base Kit Option. For a full break down of the Premium Add-ons please see KIT CONFIGURATIONS below.

      The chart below is given to you to help decipher what each capsule is.

      HIGH ENERGY Capsule specs


      Kit Configurations:

      Base Kit

      -This option is appropriate for any rider that wants to wake-up their sled. These kits are available across all the base weights

      Premium Add-On

      -This option is appropriate for any elevation based on power level. Premium clutch kits offer increased performance over base clutch kits. These options are available in certain weight categories chosen by BoonDocker to ensure optimal performance and avoid misconfigurations. 

          • The Turbo Premium Kit Includes: 
          • The N/A Premium Kit Includes
            • Primary spring
              • heavier finish rate 
              • more zingy/ alive on top end 
              • peakless power
            • Secondary spring 
              • stiffer back shift allowing you to be in the proper gear
        Fit and Compatibility
            • 2022 Polaris Matryx
            • 2019+ Polaris AXYS 850 ✔
              • Stock ✔
              • Improved ✔
              • Mod 
              • Naturally Aspirated ✔
              • Big Bore ✔
              • Turbo ✔


            Stats and Specs
                • Click here to shop our entire High Energy clutch line for Polaris.
                • Weight / Capsule Stats & Specs
                  • Adjustable / Tuneable while weights are installed in your sled
                    • Adjustability is focused on fine-tuning based on power level and elevation (ie, the same base weight is not appropriate for different power levels or widely different elevations)
                  • Preferred weight of factory race teams and industry professionals
                  • Machined, stainless steel construction
                  • Precisely machined capsules thread in easily and securely
                  • Hardened for durability and longevity
                  • Replaceable fiber bushings are pre-installed
                • Spring Stats & Specs
                  • Premium Clutch Kits come with both primary and secondary springs:
                    • Primary: Blue
                    • Secondary: Black-Yellow
                • Helix Stats & Specs
                  • Premium Turbo Clutch Kits come with a dual-angle helix:
                    • 42-46.36: For high-boost applications 
                    • 40-44: for low-boost applications
                  • Other helixes are available
            Frequently Asked Questions

            How long does it take to install? 

            A qualified technician should be able to install this product as follows:
            • Base Clutch Kit: 15 minutes
            • Premium Clutch Kit: <1 hour

            Can BoonDocker install this product?

            Absolutely! We have a fully-staffed service department. We know our products best, and can go beyond a simple installation with our dyno tune-and-test service. Know that your vehicle is ready for the weekend. We also have a strong dealer network across the nation. Our premiere dealers have demonstrated the knowledge of our products and sell enough volume to be competent in both installation and service.

            Where are the installation instructions?

            The installation instructions are provided below. Please click on the image to download the PDF. We suggest you browse the instructions before you determine if you want to install this product yourself or if you want a dealer to install.

            How do I need to configure my adjustable weights?

            Please refer to the user manual, which is outlined in the first few pages of the installation instructions (posted below).

            Can I install this product myself?

            This product is easy to install. A mechanically inclined person can easily tackle this project. We suggest that you look at the instructions and determine if you need assistance from one of our dealers.

            Are any specialty tools required?

            See Below:

                • Base Clutch Kit: Simple hand tools only. A primary clutch compression tool is helpful, though
                • Premium Clutch Kit: As above plus a secondary compression tool is REQUIRED

            I already have some parts of this kit, can you take them out?

            Absolutely! If you wish to take components out of this kit, please build your custom clutch kit from our High Energy Clutching page. Need a consultation on this? Message us and we'd be happy to go as far as adding the correct items to your cart!

            Is the Kit complete

            The BoonDocker High Energy™ Clutch Kit is complete, with everything you need to increase the performance and fun-factor of your snowmobile. 


            **Instructions are coming soon**


            (click image for instructions)




            MADE IN THE USA

            Hand crafted products built in Idaho

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