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Polaris 850 Matryx ST Control Box

Polaris 850 Matryx ST Control Box

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The heart of the BoonDocker turbo system is  the fully-adjustable SuperTuner. The BoonDocker fuel controller is the master of Electronic Boost Control while providing precise fueling. The BoonDocker fuel controller can be added to ANY turbo kit on the market. 


Our small display screen provides you with stats from your engine (boost setpoint, actual boost, max boost, max RPM’s, injector duty cycle, charge air temperatures, and throttle position).

The harness has been lengthened, so you can mount it on your dash. 

The SuperTuner comes with a USB port, so you can load any of our preconfigured tunes, right from our website.

The primary function of the ST fuel controller is for reviewing stats and for adjusting your boost. Although the ST control box is a fully functional fuel calibration tool, those strategies are very complex, and user-adjustment is not recommended.


Hand crafted products built in Idaho

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