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Tunes for SideKick/Agility Fuel Controller for Polaris AXYS 850

Tunes for SideKick/Agility Fuel Controller for Polaris AXYS 850

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Tunes are developed by BoonDocker for the best-running, race-winning fun and performance. Easily update your tune file by selecting your tune and loading it on your device!


This is where you can download the tune files for your BoonDocker SideKick 1.0 or SideKick 2.0 fuel controller with USB Update port.

Quickly change your tune from pump gas to av gas, power levels and more!

NOTE: tunes have individual README files that show the correct settings for that specific tune which may include any of the following: Wastegate Actutator type, Wastegate Actuator pre-load tension, Fuel Type, OEM ECU Flash (if applicable), OEM Fuel Mode, Clutching requirements & recommendations

You MUST have an account on our website to download tunes!

Fit and Compatibility
  • 2019+ Polaris AXYS 850 (Patriot)
    • These tunes fit BOTH SideKick AND Agility BoonDocker fuel controller with USB Update.
    • It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to confirm fit
    • It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to properly configure your snowmobile and/or fuel
    • Different snowmobiles use different electronics. Electronics are NOT interchangeable
    • Tunes may be loaded onto the "wrong" electronics (ie, an 850 tune can be loaded onto an 800 box). This will permanently damage your electronics. Please verify fit and file name.
Revision Number Key
Rev # Tune
1 91-octane w/10% Ethanol
2 20% Av, 80% 91-octane
3 91 Octane (no ethanol)
4 100 LL Straight Av
5 50 % Av, 50% 91-octane

01 - Tune Chart: 91-Octane w/10% Ethanol

Tunes for 10% Ethanol have been discontinued. If you ONLY have access to 10% ethanol fuel, please use 91-octane tunes (tune revisions that start with a "3"), and switch your sled into Ethanol/Non-Premium Mode using the Polaris gauge. ALL ETHANOL TUNES ARE NOT TO BE USED WITH AGILITY. PERMANENT ENGINE/TURBO KIT DAMAGE WILL OCCUR

Revision Package Name Release Date Status Actuator Type Sled Fuel Mode Waste Gate Crack Pressure
1.02 91Et_BD_S2_PRM850_r02-02 14-Mar-19 Archive Blue Eth 5.00
1.01 91Et_BD_S2_PRM850_r02-01 14-Feb-19 Archive Blue Eth 5.00
03 - Tune Chart: 91-Octane non-ethanol
Revision Package Name Release Date Status Actuator Type Sled Fuel Mode Waste Gate Crack Pressure
3.02 91NE_BD_S3_PRM850_r03-02 20-Dec-19 Current Blue NonEth 5.50
3.01 91NE_BD_S3_PRM850_r03-01 20-Dec-19 Archive Blue NonEth 5.00
04 - Tune Chart: Av-Gas (100LL)
Revision Package Name Notes Release Date Status Actuator Type Sled Fuel Mode Waste Gate Crack Pressure
4.08 100LL_BD_S3_PRM850_r04-08 Same as 4.07 with more fuel on chop 01-Feb-21 Current Black NonEth 7.00
4.07 100LL_BD_S3_PRM850_r04-03 20-Dec-19 Current Black NonEth 7.00
4.06 100LL_BD_S3_PRM850_r04-02 20-Dec-19 Archive Black NonEth 7.00
4.05 100LL_BD_S3_PRM850_r04-01 20-Dec-19 Archive Black NonEth 5.00
4.04 100LL_BD_S2_PRM850_r02-03 27-Mar-19 Archive Black NonEth 7.00
4.03 100LL_BD_S2_PRM850_r01-03 02-Jan-19 Archive Black NonEth 7.00
4.02 100LL_BD_S2_PRM850_r01-02 02-Jan-19 Archive Black NonEth 7.00
4.01 100LL_BD_S2_PRM850_r01-01 02-Jan-19 Archive Black NonEth 7.00

05 - Mix 50% 91-Octane, 50% Av-Gas (100LL)
Revision Package Name Release Date Status Actuator Type Sled Fuel Mode Waste Gate Crack Pressure
5.06 5050_BD_S3_PRM850_r05-02 20-Dec-19 Current Blue NonEth 6.50
5.05 5050_BD_S3_PRM850_r05-01 20-Dec-19 Archive Black NonEth 6.50
5.04 5050_VO_S2_PRM850_r01-01 18-Dec-18 Archive Ultra Low NonEth 6.00
5.03 5050_BD_S2_PRM850_r01-03 02-Jan-19 Archive Ultra Low NonEth 6.00
5.02 5050_BD_S2_PRM850_r01-02 26-Dec-18 Archive Ultra Low NonEth 4.80
5.01 5050_BD_S2_PRM850_r01-01 01-Dec-18 Archive Ultra Low NonEth 4.80
Download Drivers


BOTH Drivers are required. Please make sure to download them both to update your control box


NOTE: The instructions provided use a Polaris 850 as the example. Please be aware that ALL control boxes use the same instructions. They also use the same program, which is named Polaris850_Updater. Don't be alarmed, go ahead and continue through the instructions, which are the same for all makes and models.

ALSO: Some control boxes/computer/tunes require you to disconnect your control box in the middle of the update process. If this happens to you, please follow the instructions. Disconnect the box as requested, but don't forget to disconnect the battery. Then, when prompted, connect the control box THEN connect the battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I need to configure my kit for different scenarios? 

  1. Determine the appropriate file to download
  2. Register for an account to receive your tune
  3. Select your tune from the list and add-to-cart
  4. Checkout using our website and then choose to download your digital product
  5. Use the instructions to install tune files
  6. Review the README file and appropriately configure your sled

How long does it take to install? 

A qualified technician should be able to install this product as follows:

  • 5 minutes
  • The first tune-installation will likely take an hour to get the drivers installed, etc

Can BoonDocker install this product?

Absolutely! We have a fully-staffed service department. We know our products best, and can go beyond a simple installation with our Built by BoonDocker™. Know that your vehicle is ready for the weekend. We also have a strong dealer network across the nation. Our premiere dealers have demonstrated the knowledge of our products and sell enough volume to be competent in both installation and service.

Where are the installation instructions?

The installation instructions are provided below. Please click on the image to download the PDF. We suggest you browse the instructions before you determine if you want to install this product yourself or if you want a dealer to install.

How do I get my tune(s) for my BoonDocker Control Box?

We provide tunes for download: downloads.boondocker.com

Does BoonDocker offer an ECU Re-flash option?

Yes, we offer ECU re-flash options (coming soon). 

Why does BoonDocker use a piggyback fuel controller?

We utilize a piggyback-style fuel controller for several reasons. Primarily, to electronically control boost. BoonDocker is the ONLY kit on the market that uses active electronic boost control, meaning your sled will work, regardless of conditions.

Can I install this product myself?

This product requires a basic skill level to install. A computer-inclined person can easily tackle this project. We suggest that you look at the instructions and determine if you need assistance from our service department or one of our dealers.

Are any specialty tools required?

You will need a 9v battery, BD Battery Jumper, and USB-data-cable. Your USB cable MUST be a data-cable, not just a charging cable.

Do you have an E85 tune

No, we don't produce E-85 tunes.


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