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Fuel Controller for Turbo Polaris AXYS 850

Fuel Controller for Turbo Polaris AXYS 850
Fuel Controller for Turbo Polaris AXYS 850
Load image into Gallery viewer, Fuel Controller for Turbo Polaris AXYS 850
Load image into Gallery viewer, Fuel Controller for Turbo Polaris AXYS 850

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The heart of the BoonDocker turbo system is the fuel controller, available in the non-adjustable SideKick 2.0 or the fully-adjustable SuperTuner. The BoonDocker fuel controller is the master of Electronic Boost Control while providing precise fueling. The BoonDocker fuel controller can be added to ANY turbo kit on the market. 


Upgrade your SideKick control box to a fully adjustable SuperTuner! Built with the same logic, EBC and auto-adjustments as SideKick 2.0, the SuperTuner (ST) is the next level in controlling your ride.

Our small display screen provides you with stats from your engine (boost setpoint, actual boost, max boost, max RPM’s, injector duty cycle, charge air temperatures, and throttle position).

The harness has been lengthened, so you can mount it on your dash. Because of the display, the control box is slightly larger than the SideKick 2.0.

Like the SideKick 2.0, the ST comes with a USB port, so you can load any of our preconfigured tunes, right from our website.

The primary function of the ST fuel controller is for reviewing stats and for adjusting your boost. Although the ST control box is a fully functional fuel calibration tool, those strategies are very complex, and user-adjustment is not recommended.

Fit and Compatibility
  • 2019+ Polaris AXYS 850 w/Aftermarket Turbo 

Kit Configurations
  1. Adjustability
    1. SuperTuner Adjustable:
      1. Includes display with buttons - read real-time stats
      2. Includes longer harness, for easy dash-mounting
      3. Fully adjustable boost and fuel control
      4. USB Updatable, load pre-configured tunes from website
    2. SideKick 2.0 Non-Adjustable
      1. Same fueling logic/control as SuperTuner
      2. No screen/buttons
      3. Shorter harness - Intended to mount under-dash
      4. Not adjustable (other than loading a new tune)

    Suggested Upgrades

    Click the link next to ANY upgrade to learn more or buy now

    • Agility Intercooler: 
      • While it's best to buy the intercooler when you buy the kit, our Agility Intercooler is available as an upgrade
    • Clutching: 
      • We STRONGLY suggest our BoonDocker High Energy ™ clutching.
      • Base Kits: For low-boost, high-elevation only
      • Premium Kits: suggested for all applications
    • Heads: 
      • Colorado (Billet or re-cut)
        • Slightly relieved compression vs. stock
        • Pump gas above 10,000 feet 
        • Custom/High-Boost applications
      • Idaho (Billet or re-cut)
        • Slightly relieved compression vs. Colorado head
        • Pump gas above 4,000 feet
        • Should ONLY be used in pump-gas application
    • Actuators: 
      • Blue: 4-8 PSI (max 8.4), comes standard with kit
      • Black: 6-10 PSI (max 11.2), required for high-boost. Will increase throttle response and produces a more powerful seat-of-the-pants feeling
      • Double-Black: 8-12 PSI, not suggested for any application, will may demand more octane than Av-Gas
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I use the SuperTuner adjustable fuel controller with pump gas/av gas? 

    Yes, simply load your desired tune and verify your turbo-system components! Pump gas tunes may not be available for all configurations

      I messed my tune up, can you give me a new one or starting numbers? 

      Yes, even with the SuperTuner, you can load our latest tune(s) directly from the website. It is suggested to use our online tools as the starting numbers for your application! It's as simple as plugging your controller in and flashing the newest tune.

      How long does it take to install? 

      A qualified technician should be able to install this product as follows:
      • 1 Hour

      Can BoonDocker install this product?

      Absolutely! We have a fully-staffed service department. We know our products best, and can go beyond a simple installation with our dyno tune-and-test service. Know that your vehicle is ready for the weekend. We also have a strong dealer network across the nation. Our premiere dealers have demonstrated the knowledge of our products and sell enough volume to be competent in both installation and service.

      Where are the installation instructions?

      The installation instructions are provided below. Please click on the image to download the PDF. We suggest you browse the instructions before you determine if you want to install this product yourself or if you want a dealer to install.

      How do I get my tune(s) for my BoonDocker Control Box?

      We provide tunes for download: downloads.boondocker.com

      Does BoonDocker offer an ECU Re-flash option?

      Yes, we offer ECU re-flash options. However, at this time, our re-flash(es) work in conjunction with our piggyback fuel controller

      Why does BoonDocker use a piggyback fuel controller?

      We utilize a piggyback-style fuel controller for several reasons. Primarily, to electronically control boost. BoonDocker is the ONLY kit on the market that uses active electronic boost control, meaning your sled will work, regardless of conditions.

      Can I install this product myself?

      This product requires a basic skill level to install. A mechanically inclined person can easily tackle this project. We suggest that you look at the instructions and determine if you need assistance from our service department or one of our dealers.

      Are any specialty tools required?

      No. However, we recommend paying special attention to wire routing and wire securing. We suggest you are liberal with the use of zip-ties to prevent unnecessary stress on the wire harness.

      Do you have an E85 tune

      No, we don't produce E-85 tunes.



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