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Agility Vents: Product Walkthru

Welcome to another episode of BoonDocker Garage! I'm your host, Steven Marlenee, and today we're going to walk through the BoonDocker Agility Vents for the Polaris AXYS 800 and 850!


 We set out to design and engineer these vents because we needed resolve to a problem. First, we'll do a simple demonstration to show you the effectiveness of the Agility Vents in shedding and repelling water. We'll also compare this to the OEM vents.

As I drop water on each of these vents, you can see the true effectiveness of the Hydrophobic membrane. You'll notice the Agility Vents completely shed water. You'll notice there's still tension in the water droplets.

On the OEM vents, the water is slowly seeping through the vent material and is going to saturate the sub-membrane space. On the OEM vents, the sub-membrane space is filled with a sponge-like material. Unfortunately, that's just going to continue to collect water until it freezes solid enough that nothing can get through. 

The BoonDocker Agility Vents fit any 2016+ Polaris AXYS model, including the 800cc and the 850cc snowmobiles. You're going to get quite a few benefits from installing these vents. First, and most importantly, we're going to get rid of frozen vents. It's a BIG performance enhancement, especially on the high-performance snowmobiles. Next, we're going to create an environment where it's easier to shed snow and water from the vent area, which will also improve performance. Finally, the Agility Vents are very easy to install. Any weekend warrior should be able to install these vents in under 15 minutes using only a screwdriver. There is no cutting or drilling necessary.

One of the first things you'll notice about our vents is that they're much larger. They are made out of an engineered, geometric design for maximum strength and durability. You'll see that they're built using an aluminum sub-frame. They're really going to be something you can plan on riding for years without damage, because of the materials and design we've incorporated into these vents.

In addition to the size and shape of these vents, a lot of engineering went into this material. We buy FrogSkinz branded material. It's very hydrophobic, and it's been engineered to not allow water through. Another thing you'll notice is there's quite a bit more surface area. We did that intentionally, to open up the maximum area of breathability. 

These vents have been purposely engineered to take the abuse of the modern tree-rider. We confined the placement of this vent into a protective triangle. What I'm talking about is a protective barrier created by the ends of the bars, the headlight, and the side-panels. It is very difficult to break this barrier with any sort of foreign object. This helps keep the vents clean and clear, but also helps prevent damage.

We trust our top athletes to put these to the test. I'm talking about athletes like Matt Entz and Chris Burandt. Guys who are out dominating the trees. They're putting these sleds in the most precarious situations, and they're coming out a whole season with their vents unscathed! In the event that you do tear your vent, we have replacement material available, and it's affordable! 

One of the biggest problems we face is when we nose in through a big pile of powder. It's that perfect day and what happens? You plug your vents. It's an easy way to ruin a day and we've solved this problem. Partially because of the engineering of this material. The FrogSkinz material is very slippery, so snow in the snow or water phase is easily shed. Plus, foreign debris like sticks and branches are going to bounce off or slide off. 

What this is going to do for you, in the end, is let your sled breathe good, clean air. You're definitely going to go faster, and you're definitely going to have more fun!

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