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Polaris 800/850 Detonation/Bog diagnose check list

Polaris 800/850 Detonation/Bog diagnose check list

The tunes Boondocker provides are tested and proven, although there are other conditions that can take place causing poor runnability.
Here is a checklist to diagnose common problems that can cause detonation and/or bogging.

● Check your intake vents
○ If your intake vents are frozen or have an ice build up in the mesh, this will starve the engine of air causing a bog, to fix this issue check out our agility vent kit on our website.
Verify your sled is set in Non-ethanol mode
○ Our tunes are designed to be run only with Non-ethanol fuel.
○ If your sled is in ethanol mode it will cause your sled to be too rich and may cause a bog.
Verify you are running the correct octane for your tune
○ Our tunes are octane specific, too much octane can cause a bog, too little octane can cause detonation.
○ Fuel additives are not a replacement for race gas when running a 50/50 tune.
How old is your gas?
○ Maximum life of fuel is 3 months.
○ Old gas can detonation and/or bogging
Verify your tune
○ Boondocker offers downloadable tunes for all agility fuel controllers. Note: Boondocker tuning is not supported below 4600 ft elevation.
○ Email tech for starting numbers on any non agility fuel controllers.
○ For any non adjustable sidekick fuel controllers, you will need to send the box into us with a provided RO# to have it flashed with the most current tune.
Check your spark plugs
○ Spark plugs can foul out causing a bog, especially if your sled is still within its break in period
○ Look for cracks in the porcelain, this can cause a misfire
○ If the end of your plugs are dry and black in color, it is probable they are old and need replaced.
Are you making the correct Boost?
○ Verify your max boost in the stats screen on the control box is making within 0.2 psi of your boost set point.
○ If you are making 2+ psi more than requested, it can cause a drastic bog and may also throw a det code.
○ If you are making more boost than requested it can cause detonation due to lack of octane.
○ If you are making less boost than requested it can cause a bog due to excessive fuel.
○ If you are making less than 2 psi, verify your actuator rod is connected to the wastegate and that your turbo spins freely with minimal shaft play.
○ Check that your actuator Crack pressure is set correctly.
■ Blue actuator crack pressure is 4.7 psi
■ Black actuator crack pressure is 7psi. Note: your black actuator may not crack below 8 psi until the
actuator breaks in.
■ Double black crack pressure is 10 psi. Note: This option requires an adjustable control box as well as custom tuning by the end user.
Check your connections
○ If hose clamps are loose the silicone can blow off causing a boost leak.
○ If your exhaust doughnuts are collapsed or your springs are over stretched, it can cause an exhaust leak which will also show as a boost leak.
Fuel pressure
○ Verify your fuel pressure is within factory spec.
○ If your fuel pressure is low it can cause your system to go lean and detonate.
If you have checked or are unable to check this list and are still having a problem, there may be issues with the vehicle not pertaining to the turbo kit. We recommend that you have a dealer do a full inspection on the vehicle. You can also call us at 208-542-4411 and schedule a service appointment with one of our trained technicians.
Aftermarket turbo snowmobiles are considered heavily modified machines. If your Sled is not running properly, immediately stop operating the vehicle and correct the problem before proceeding. The operator assumes responsibility to
maintain and observe the runnability of their vehicle.
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